Monthly special event cyberpunk-electro-industrial-goth-f3t!sh-fashion dance club

Infectious DJ dance mixes by DJs Dom.TerrorWrist, X-Bar, Juicifer, Venus McKay & ButtonPu$her spinning only the best electro-industrial-darkwave tracks from the last three decades.

Dissociative, state-inducing visual projections

Fetish and other Performances by rotation resident players Mistress Adriana Addams, Lady Remedy Ann, Maya Steel, Guru Orpheus Black, Domimatrix, Violette Nightshade, Echo Tyler, Mila Starfyre, Vanessa Lux, Jessica Schuster, Jade Show, and Jia Non Ngoi.

Vending by Kinkys Playhouse

KITTENS MAGAZINE (award-winning, party culture/lifestyle periodical) shooting video, reels, and pics of the event

3040 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, 90026
10 PM - 2 AM // 21+ // $25 at door

Complimentary entrance for all antisocialites with Leo sign birthdays or wearing anything branded by Antisocial Party (

Dress Code: N/A (we are not big fans of rules, so there is none. For inspiration how to dress yourself, you may check out pics from our past events.


Antisocial calendar cycle of monthly themes

"whoever you are today is not
who you have to be tomorrow"

"the cycle must happen exactly as it has. otherwise, the clubber would have never come."

"all i see are drone people"

""this whole world could eat shit and die"