are you really antisocial, or simply a free-thinking individual drowning in a sea of conformist douchebags? in either case, you have stumbled upon one of the few remaining vestiges of genuine badass nightclubbing, where other fellow antisocialites opt out of a stagnant culture so pathetically correct it is practically canceling itself.

we finally got so bored with the underground state of affairs and by listening to ourselves whine about how lame the safety first through fifth, neo-Victorian pockets of what used to be the sickest dark circus LA clubland was, we thought it was about time to get our hands dirty and have some fun again.

Antisocial Party is becoming the place where subversive minds from similar subculture sekts converge to showcase their talent and meet creative characters from interrelated disciplines. tangible and digital art galleries feature works that explore the darker side and offer insight into our dystopian, over-socialized, authoritarian surveillance society. vendors of rare and unique whatnots can be found on the smoking patio. rotating lineups of LA’s key fetish players are up on stage and weave into the fabric of the kontrolled chaos. notorious trouble makers from clubs HELL, Batcave, Club Party Monster, Metal Mayhem, Fetish Nation, SUBMIT, and Noize Faktory converge to unleash a lit DJ mix of only your favorite electro-goth-industrial dance floor tracks from the last three decades, repackaged to sound like never before and integrated with insane projections to fuck your mind into another dimension.

Los Globos is a big venue with a stellar sound system and visual specs. it may not be the most elegant joint, parking becomes tough the later it gets, and them not accepting cash inside at the bar compels some without a card to first make a quick pit stop at the liquor store across the street half a block East on Sunset (just sayin’) but enjoy the down-and-dirty club where practically anything goes before we get too big for our britches and think about migrating elsewhere.

rouse HELL, raze the status quo.